Fine precious metal jewelry

Fine precious metal jewelry
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Investing in gold or other precious metals

On Tuesday we saw the price of precious metal goes up. The price of gold which is best to invest in the present time. December gold was up by $19.80 to $886 per troy ounce in New York. As news spread that central banks will be cutting interest rates very soon, the price of precious metals, GOLD will be shooting up and this the right time to invest in this precious metals.

Investing in gold or other precious metals
provide investors a solid and long term money gain. There are many ways where investors can invest their money in precious metals such as gold coins, bullion, gold jewelry, mutuals funds or stocks as gold represent and stand for our international currency, it the best choice to invest in gold at this time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Precious metals especially gold a safe investor

The weakness of Us dollars in the market has make precious metals especially gold, are expected to act as a safe haven for investors in the medium or long terms. In the recent credit crunch, the weakness in the Us dollar has been a vital factor leading people to invest in gold as investors used gold to hedge risk independently of the dollar movement.

Gold is used to hedge against the volatile securities markets. The gold market recorded its largest gain , especially after the recent world crises in the credit market and after the Sept 11 incident in America. The fall of the price of precious metals ( GOLD ) are also due to the fall in global supply in 2007.The drop of gold dropped 3.0% year on year to 3,469. Another reason of the rise in gold price are due to the demand by mant respective countries.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Investing in this precious metals

Because of the price of precious metals such as gold is going ups and reaching a history height and it still going up in the coming future and has reach the height of 942.00 a drop of 2.00 when the market close yesterday. Gold serve as money, industrial commodities and investment products throughout the global marketplace. Its the right time to invest your money in golds has it has a lot of future. and precious metals such as gold and platinum can be traded like stock in an exchange.

When investing in this precious metals we must have a good ideas about the price of the metals be it be gold, silver, platinums or palladium we must learned the lesson. Even we can invest in bullion bars and gold coins. You can buy gold and sell it at a later stage where you find the price has already its height. Through online services you can purchase or sale of precious metals.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The price of precious metals has reach its peak and is going

The price of precious metals are going up every months. The price of gold has reach its to its highest peak and is still going up. People are turning from wearing gold to white golds where the items can still be reach from the moderate people. The price of silver and platinums are going as gold price. Platinums is consider the most expensive metals.

Precious metals became a demands to most rich peoples as a role of investment and its future value. Price of Palladium is price at $388USD as end of Jan 2008 per ounce which is half the price of golds. Platinums had shoot twice the price of gold which is now $1,706 per ounce as end of Jan 2008. Gold price is holding at $927USD per ounce.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Not safe to wear precious metals this days

With the increased of gold price in the market which has reach one of its high peck so wearing of this precious metal such as gold and platinum is not very safe as its attracted snack thief. Recently I was imformed that my sister in laws was robbed of her gold chain and gold braclets with small diamond inclusive of cash and valuable documents to snack thief while out from shopping comlplex.

In the mainland four robbers in ski masks with two of them armed with a pistol and an axe, robbed two goldsmith brothers of their jewellery worth rm 300,00.00. The wictims in the middle thirty were about to leave their double stirey house when they were confronted by the robbers. The precious metal and precious stone were going to deliver to a clients on that day. The jewerelly was gone in around three minutes in a busy street.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Precious metals, gold coin to marks 50th National day

In conjuction with Malaysia celebrating its fifty National day, Royal Selangor is coming up with an exclusive gold coins of 100 ringgit which is worth of RM1,957.00 of gold value. This precious metals is specially place in a designed box to paid tribute to our frist prime minister.

A limited of 395 of this precious metals of gold coins is up for sale at the Royal Selangor at the price of malaysia ringgit of 1,957, the year where Malaysia got its independence in 1957. Each precious metals has the portrait of the Tunku Abdul Rahman together with the inscription Bapa Malaysia and on the reverse side of the coin is the house of parliament. A 14 point star and a crescent moon with the inscription of the denomination RM100.00.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

precious metals stolen, no one knows

Two men, believed to be of arab origin, walked into a goldsmith shop and coolly made off with jewellery amd others precious metals worth around nine hundred thousand Malaysian dollars in less than ten minutes. The incident occurred at around three in the afternoon at a goldsmith shop along Jalan Bintang.

The reports said that the precious metals were kept in a bag that was left in the premises office and one of man managed to get into the office and took the bag while his accomplice was outside pretending to be customer. Nobody realised what had happened until the two men were long gone.

Gold finding in golden sand

As gold price is going up everytimes there is a rushamoung local farmers for the precious metals three decades after the activity lost commercial value in Kelantan. With the sharp worldwide surge in gold prices, most farmers in that area who mine gold as a part time and was delighted to discover that they can earn extra imcome home up to hundred Malaysiam dollars per day.

Most of the farmers are happy with their extra income as the gold fragments may not look much, but when accumulated, it can fetch a good price as the global gold commodity markets is rising. This precious metals has brought a shine to the lives of this farmers and rubber tappers who continue to look for gold in the sands in and around Pasir mas (golden sand ).