Fine precious metal jewelry

Fine precious metal jewelry
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Precious metals, gold coin to marks 50th National day

In conjuction with Malaysia celebrating its fifty National day, Royal Selangor is coming up with an exclusive gold coins of 100 ringgit which is worth of RM1,957.00 of gold value. This precious metals is specially place in a designed box to paid tribute to our frist prime minister.

A limited of 395 of this precious metals of gold coins is up for sale at the Royal Selangor at the price of malaysia ringgit of 1,957, the year where Malaysia got its independence in 1957. Each precious metals has the portrait of the Tunku Abdul Rahman together with the inscription Bapa Malaysia and on the reverse side of the coin is the house of parliament. A 14 point star and a crescent moon with the inscription of the denomination RM100.00.